The Portrait Process

begin with the end in mind

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+ Coffee dates with my bestie, Amanda.
+ Morning walks with my furbaby, Jet, listening to podcasts.
+ Chips & queso on a friday afternoon with a cold margarita.
+ Game nights with my husband, Jonathan, where I almost always win.
+ Spending weekends at my family's lakehouse at Lake Texoma.
+ Photographing amazing couples who are so in love and ready to take on life together!

Some of my favorite things:

The Pre-consultation
The Shoot
The Order & Design Appointment
Your year long plan



what will the final



                                                                          Right from the start, we will talk about what you’re looking for from your shoot. Then we will plan it. We’ll discuss what to wear, how you want to display your images, the colors you love and use in your home, location planning, and the look and feel of your session. The pre-consultation answers all your questions and helps us to get to know your family. We design your session with the outcome in mind. Your session is carefully planned and fully designed. Pre-consults can take place in-person, on the phone, or on Zoom. Awesome portraits begin with a great relationship. Tell us about your family, your home, and your vision; and we’ll add in our creativity to make it happen.

The Portrait 


Working with us step by step

The Pre-consultation

schedule a call now

do you want display Your images?
do You want to enjoy them years from now?
"look" Are you aiming for?
do You want these images now?


the shoot

The Shoot/Session

                                                                  All the hard work is behind us, we have a solid plan, we’ve discussed what you’ll wear, we know what you are looking for from your session, and what you want to do with the images. We’ve convinced dad it won’t be that bad because with a plan you will be in out in no time! Hopefully we’ve calmed your fears about the possibility of your kids misbehaving. Judi loves kids and makes it fun for them. We love to see their little personalities; it helps us get those photos of them you will love!
Shoots take place in Judi’s air-conditioned home studio in Santa Ana. We work with studio lighting and have lots of props and set designs. We have a nice area for you to relax in. If you're interested in an outdoor session when the weather is nice, let us know where you’d like to do it. If you’re not sure, we have many spots we can recommend. We pride ourselves with exceptional customer service and are committed to giving your family a great experience and beautiful art for your home to help you celebrate you as a family.

A Plan + Creativity = the 


You're looking for

The Ordering Appointment


The Ordering Appointment

What will you


The Order & Design Appointment

                                                                                            The viewing and ordering appointment is when you get to see all of your images from your session. This is where you will finalize your portrait order, so be sure you pick a time where both mom and dad can be there.
We’ll help you sort through the images and make your final decisions on what will look best in your home with your decor. We can show you what images will actually look like on the walls of your home, right where you’d like to hang them in the actual sizes. We specialize in wall series and heirloom albums; some of the products we offer are one of a kind. 

The Ordering Appointment


Delivery & Planning

Ready to Install 


Final Delivery

                                               About 3-4 weeks later, your art pieces will be ready for pickup. When your pieces come in, we’ll give you a call and make arrangements for you to pick them up. If you need help with installation, we will gladly provide someone who can help. Once your images are on your walls and your album is on your coffee table, you can sit back and enjoy and cherish your wonderful memories for many years to come!
Our families often come to us year after year as their children grow and change. So we design around that. The next time you work with us, we’ll design with your other wall art in mind. 

Your Questions

How far in advance should I book my session?
We suggest booking newborn, baby and maternity sessions 2 to 3 months in advance to allow for planning and to ensure availability on our schedule.

How old should our newborn be for their session?
To get the best results we recommend the baby come in between 10 and 14 days old. 

I missed the window of 10 to 14 days old for my newborn can we still come in?
Absolutely! Your baby is still considered a newborn until they are 6 to 8 weeks old. We won’t be able to get some of the poses you can only get when they are really young, but we will still lots of precious images of your baby.

How far along should I be when we shoot my maternity session? 
For the best results we recommend between 28 to 36 weeks, when the belly has a nice round shape. Doing it during this time frame expectant moms still feel comfortable enough for a portrait session.

What time of day do you schedule your sessions?
Outdoor family sessions take place 1.5 hours before sunset. Newborn and baby sessions take place in our studio the mornings when everyone is well rested.

What should I wear for my session?
Once you book your session we will send you our “What to Where Guide”. We will also discuss it during your planning session. For maternity sessions we provide maternity gowns for you to borrow during your session. For newborn sessions we provide all the cute outfits and wraps for your baby. 

Do you provide Hair & Makeup?
We do have hair and makeup available for you for an additional charge. We can connect you to our excellent hair and makeup service for your studio session, in your home or at the salon.

How do I book a session?
You can fill our inquiry form on our Contact Page and I will give you a call or you can just give us a call! We like the personal touch of a phone call so we can begin to get to know each other. We require the session fee at the time of booking and that can be done on line that same day.
We don’t plan or book sessions through email.

Do we get to help plan our session?
Definitely! A few weeks before your session we will get together either in person or on Zoom and discuss your session. We will talk about what you are looking for in your session. We will discuss where you want to display your images, how you want to enjoy them years from now, what you are aiming for and why you want images now? 

Can I get all of the digital mages from my session?
If you choose "Create a Collection", you will receive all the good images from your session, generally around 40 images. You can choose full resolution that will print to 20”x30” or lower resolution files that will print up to an 8”x10” at a lesser price. While we believe it’s best to put your images on the walls of your home and in beautiful albums for your coffee table, we understand that some people prefer just the digitals. They are also available Ala Cart.

When will I receive my artwork and images? 
We schedule your viewing appointment at the end of your session. We schedule it within 1-2 weeks. If you order the “Create A Collection” your digitals will be available the day of your appointment. Your artwork will be ready within 4 weeks. We arrange for pickup from our studio, shipping or delivery to your home.

Do you provide the cake for the cake smash session?
Yes! We provide a simple cake for your session. If you want something fancy we have bakeries we recommend for you to purchase one from. We recommend you give your baby a cupcake or two before a week or two before their session so they are aware of what the cake is and then they will more than likely dive into their cake so we can get those cute messy cake images!

Do you do “Splash” sessions at the Cake Smash Session? 
Yes! You can choose the Smash and Splash Session if you want to include a bubble bath after the messy cake smash! It’s so much fun! We get lots of great images of your baby splashing and playing with the bubbles. 

What if my kids act up during their session? 
Don’t worry about that! Judi loves kids and makes it a lot of fun for them. We want to see their little personalities, it gives us the opportunity to get those real expressions that you love of them.

How do I get my husband on board with getting a family photo?
I know some husbands dread getting family photos done. We make it fun for dad too! 
It doesn’t take a long time to get great family photos, so it will be over before he knows it! 
If you’re coming for family & siblings photos at your newborn session, we do those first so dad can take off with the kids and we can concentrate on getting the newborns photos after they leave.