Investing in your Childs Memories

Family portraits

by Judi Jordan

It’s important to invest in our memories. There are things we all invest in, or protect with insurance. But, have you ever looked at your family photographs as an investment or something that should be protected?

Your family photographs really are an investment: they are an investment in your memories.

Are you the memory keeper of your children’s memories?

Would you like to be, but wonder where you would find the time to do that?

Well, I would like to help you with this.

If you let me help you with your memory keeping, by the time your child is eighteen years old, you will have curated a wonderful collection of their images. This will be an archive to help you reminisce, and to pass on to your children and then grandchildren.

Photographs tell our family story. It begins with our wedding day, continues to the birth of our children, and then on to the years of raising them.

Think about when you first learned it wasn’t only going to be the two of you, but your family was going to be growing to three! For most of us, it was a very exciting day! A time you want to remember and share with your child when they are old enough to understand.

It took my husband and me three years to have our son. I went to a fertility doctor, and he said our chances of getting pregnant were very slim. So, when I started having some really weird symptoms, I didn’t even think I was pregnant. When the doctor told me, I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited, I started wearing maternity clothes at 2 months! People were telling me I was walking around like the cat that swallowed a canary because I was so happy!

Professional pictures for maternity weren’t as popular when I was pregnant. My husband took some pictures with our film camera. He  is very good at taking pictures. The love of photography is one thing we share together. So, these were going to be pretty good pictures.

We dropped off the film at Savon to be developed just before our son was born. But, when we went back to pick up the pictures, Savon had lost the roll of film!!! So I had no pictures of my pregnancy! That was a sad day! I think that’s partly why I like to make sure new moms to be, have great maternity images of their pregnancies.

Trust your photographic memories to a professional. The clearer and nicer the image, the clearer and nicer is the memory! The more beautiful is the artwork on the walls of your home.

I offer Fresh 48 sessions, which are done in the hospital within 24 to 48 hours of your child’s birth to document that sweet time! It is a special session for those families who want to document the first few hours of their newborn’s life, captured without having the labor or delivery documented.

It’s especially sweet to capture the expressions of the siblings when they meet the baby for the first time.

Documenting that first year is very important. They change so much in such a short amount of time!

Some parents like to bring the baby in for monthly photos that first year. Others opt to do newborn, 6 months, and a cake smash to document this year! I have a special price of $450 that includes these 3 sessions!

Then, add a family portrait once a year to your investment of memories.

It’s a great way to chronicle the family and gives you an image to not only put on the wall of your home, but you will have an image to put on your Christmas Card, no matter what time of the year it was taken.

Through the elementary school years, to supplement their school pictures, the kids can come in for my mini sessions. I offer them 6 times a year: Back to School, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and Summer. It’s really fun to document them throughout the year. You think you will remember all the little changes but if we don’t have good pictures, we forget!

Another nice addition is a special session I call “When I grow up I wanna be.”  This is a great investment to remember what they wanted to be a vet, detective or baker. It’s especially a great investment if they actually become that profession and can put that image up in their office or place of business! My son said he wanted to be an octopus when he grew up! Luckily, he grew up to be a human!

After that, you can do preteen and teen sessions. This is such a pivotal time in a child’s life.

Then of course, there are the senior pictures that are done the summer before the senior year of high school.

I have a family plan for $750, for which a family gets five regular sessions. They can be used as fast or as slow as the family wants, and don’t expire! The only sessions that you can’t use this special on are the Newborn session and the Fresh 48 session.

Yes, you will have lots of memory deposits from the cell phone pictures you take. But, the bigger investment in quality photographs is what the family will treasure for many generations. And as far as protection, I keep all the images I’ve taken forever, so I will always have images that can be reprinted in case of a fire or any other natural disaster.


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